Saturday, July 4, 2009

Terrence's Eviction Interview

After a triumphant exit from the Monster Big Brother house yesterday Terrence joined Duleea McChen for a chat about his time in the house.

DM: Ladies and Gentlemonsters it's Terrence
T: Woooo! Hello!
DM: That was quite a reaction from the crowd.
T: Wasn't it? I'm so surprised.
DM: Well you shouldn't be, you've made quite an impression out here, you have plenty of monster fans. Did you have fun in the Monster Big Brother house Terrence?
T: I certainly did. It's quite an experience and I've learned a lot about myself and about the way I deal with other people. I'm very glad I did it.
DM: Any regrets?
T: No, not ever.
DM: Not even that you didn't steal any socks
T: (laughs) No I didn't in the end. Funny though because I think someone else was stealing shoes.
DM: Nothing gets past you does it Terrence? It was Morris and I'll tell you all about it later. What was your favourite part of being in the Monster Big Brother house?
T: Meeting all the other monsters, what a great group of creatures.
DM: Well, I won't delay you any longer Terrence, I know that Maisy is waiting for you in the green room. Thank you Terrence, you've been a brilliant monster housemate.
T: Thank you for having me

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