Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ganymede's Eviction Interview

Ganymede was the penultimate monster to be evicted from the Monster Big Brother house. He spoke to Duleea McChen as soon as he left the house:

DM: Ladies and Gentlemonsters, it's Ganymede!
G: Hello, good afternoon everyone.
DM: Ganymede, it's great to see you, you're so fluffy in person! Do you think your housemates understood how fluffy you are?
G: Good question Duleea. The Monster Big Brother house is an alien environment for me, I'm usually quite a shy monster. My social skills are not great.
DM: You had a bit of a bad start
G: I did, I suppose I fell into a bad crowd with Morris. But being up early in the morning with Kelvin helped me to put some perspective on that.
DM: You must have done something right, you came so close to winning!
G: I know, it's very perplexing.
DM: What was going through your head just now when you and Hector were waiting to hear who had won Monster Big Brother?
G: Everything from the last 25 days, everything. It's an extraordinary amount of pressure.
DM: What was your favourite moment in the Monster Big Brother house?
G: When Marvin thought the house had been moved in to space. What a leap of imagination! There were so many great monsters, with so many great skills, it makes me proud to be handmade.
DM: We're proud of you too Ganymede, you've been an early morning philosopher and a great housemate. Thank you.
G: Thank you Duleea.

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