Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hector's Eviction Interview

Monstrochaussette, Hector is the winner of Monster Big Brother 2009. After a triumphant exit from the house yesterday, Hector spoke to Duleea McChen:

DM: Ladies and Gentlemonsters, the winner of Monster Big's Hector!!!!!
H: Merci, merci beaucoup, thank you all
DM: Hector. Did you ever think you would win Monster Big Brother?
H: I thought there was a chance, but I did not think about it. It was my intention to have good times in the house and I think that is most important.
DM: It certainly seems to have worked for you. How did you manage to stay so calm, it seemed as though you never lost your temper?
H: This is not true, I was angry with Ganymede during the hug task, for which I am sorry.
DM: And you did upset some housemates
H: But I always am sorry, I never mean to be upsetting, I did not understand about Cthulhu and the tentacles, but now I do.
DM: Awww, I'm sure he doesn't mind really. So what do you think you will do now?
H: I intend to return to France and otherwise I have made no plans.
DM: Is there anything you'd like to say to all your fans?
H: Yes, thank you very much, you are all my friends and thank you to all my housemates who have made this so much fun. You are the best.
DM: Actually, Hector, you are the best. You've been an international sock monster of mystery and a fantastic winner. Thank you.

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