Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kelvin's Eviction Interview

Kelvin was the third most popular Monster Big Brother housemate this year, he spoke to Duleea McChen as soon as he came out of the house yesterday.

DM: Ladies and Gentlemonsters, it's Kelvin! (pauses for applause) OK Kelvin I know you're desperate to know about Morris and it's been awful watching you struggle through the last week without knowing what happened. So I'll just sum up for you.
K: Yes please
DM: As you know Morris is a Sock Brownie with a speciality in magical cobbling and not a miserable old sock monster at all. Well now everyone knows, Morris' magical powers have disappeared and he's looking forward to living a more normal and cheerful life. Oh and he fixed my shoes. Genius!
K: Wow, er...I thought his secret identity needed to be protected, I had no idea he wanted a normal life, imagine deciding that in front of an international readership of millions.
DM: And there you go again, Kelvin, thinking about other people first. Aren't you in the least bit annoyed that you got dragged in to this. You had to lie for him.
K: It was my fault, if I hadn't seen what was in his shed at home I would never have known. Plus I was lying to protect his magic and all the good it does for people, as well as him.
DM: You really are just as sweet in person as you are on the blog. OK, moving on...Swannie, she's nice isn't she?
K: Yes she's very nice.
DM: Do you think you'll see her again, now you've left the house?
K: I hope so. I really do.
DM: Awww. So Kelvin what was your favourite moment in the Monster Big Brother house?
K: Playing cards with Swannie on that night when she was really upset. I felt like I was helping her out.
DM: Thank you Kelvin, you've been a super softie special monster housemate.

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