Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 9 - Ganymede in the Diary Room

Monster Big Brother called Ganymede into the diary room today, to ask him a few simple questions.

MBB: Hello Ganymede, how are you today?
G: I'm well thank you, and yourself?
MBB: Ganymede, how has your time in the house been so far?
G: Somewhat bumpy I think. An excellent analogy would be that it is similar to riding a rollercoaster.
MBB: Who have you bonded with in the house?
G: Kelvin, because we're always up earliest in the morning. I miss Ratu for the same reason
MBB: Is there anyone you haven't bonded with in the house?
G: I actually thought I was friendly with Morris, but now I'm not so sure
MBB: Thank you Ganymede
G: You're welcome Monster Big Brother

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