Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 7 - Hector in the Diary Room

Monster Big Brother called Hector into the diary room today, to ask him a few simple questions.

MBB: Hello Hector, how are you today?
H: Very well thank you
MBB: Hector, how has your time in the house been so far?
H: Very interesting, there are many personality types in this house
MBB: Who have you bonded with in the house?
H: Kelvin is very good and also Terrence, but I also like Cthulhu (Sky) and I find Marvin very entertaining
MBB: Is there anyone you haven't bonded with in the house?
H: I am a little disappointed with the lady monsters Big Brother, Mabel is beautiful but I've been involved with two headed women before and it did not end well. Oh and Morris, he is so quiet, he never talks.
MBB: Thank you Hector
H: You are welcome Monster Big Brother.

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