Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 8 - Handmade and Thinking Hard

Following Ratu's escape from the Monster Big Brother house yesterday morning the monster housemates found themselves in a thoughtful mood. Some of them stayed up well into the early hours to discuss what it means to be handmade.

As Mabel and Madeline, Ganymede, Terrence and Cthulhu (Sky) huddled under duvets in the living area. Ganymede started the ball rolling by asking how the other monsters felt about being handmade.

Mabel said she felt that in the current economic climate the handmade movement was a salvation for homeworkers who during times of instability are usually the worst hit. Madeline added that Handmade may even be the key to the restoration of the Western manufacturing base.

Wow, Mabel and Madeline are not just a couple of pretty faces!

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