Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 7 - Ganymede Explains it All

Ratu's escape from the Monster Big Brother house this morning has left the housemates in a sad and thoughtful mood. Even Marvin has been quiet. Strangely it seems that Ganymede has the most insight to share, he told the other housemates:

"It's sad that he's gone, but I think there was simply too much pressure on Ratu, I know that some of you are loving the implied attention of being under continual scrutiny, but Ratu was a clever monster and I think he understood that the facets of his personality were not all being equally displayed. Perhaps he felt he'd made some bad choices and couldn't see how to redeem himself."

Now is Ganymede still talking about Ratu, or is he talking about Ganymede?

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