Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 7 - Where's Ratu?

This morning Kelvin and Ganymede (the Monster Big Brother house's early risers) got up as usual and made tea and toast and small talk as usual. But then Ganymede noticed that the other morning monster was missing. He checked the garden and popped his head round the door of the bedroom, then he came back to Kelvin who was drinking tea in the living area.

"Where's Ratu?" he asked.

The two monsters immediately came to the Diary Room.

MBB: Good morning Monster housemates
G: Erm, where's Ratu?
MBB: Ratu left the Monster Big Brother House at 6.24am. He will not be returning.
K: But why?
G: I think I know why, he was overstimulated and suffering from sleep deprivation.
K: But that's no reason to leave. And he could have talked to us first.
MBB: Monster Big Brother cannot confirm Ratu's reasons for leaving at this time. Please inform the other Monster Housemates of his departure.
K: Wow, I'm a bit shocked.

So are we Kelvin, we know how you feel.

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