Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 4 - An Impossible Task

As soon as Mabel and Madeline finished reading the instructions for the task all the monsters started to talk at once.

They all had ideas for how to get into the box, except for Marvin who just climbed on top of it and started jumping. Ganymede suggested that they needed tools and Cthulhu (Stripes) passed his tentacles over the surface of the box, checking for openings.

"Aha" said Cthulhu (Stripes) as he lifted the edge of the box from the floor, dislodging Marvin in the process "there's a small keyhole on the underside of the box, help me turn it over".

The monsters all put their backs into it and after some serious grunting (mostly from Hector) the adamantium box was the right way up and the monster housemates were staring at a small hatch and a tiny keyhole.

"Where's the key?" said Kelvin.

Where indeed?


  1. I can't stand it, this it too exciting! Where is the key?! Will they make it into the box?!

  2. Too bad it wasn't adamantite, they could just put it in the sun.