Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 4 - House Hero

Earlier today the Monster Big Brother housemates received their first task in the form of a large metal box full of luxury items which they have been challenged to open. So far they have found a keyhole, but no key.

Terrence organised the monster housemates into search parties to find the key which they all agreed must be hidden in the house somewhere. They turned the Monster Big Brother house upside down looking for the key.

The housemates only had 23 minutes left of the three hours given to them to open the box when Lurly Jack had an idea.

Jack ran over to the box and examined the lock "I can open this!" he shouted. The other monster housemates came running back and watched in awe as Lurly Jack slid his credit card like body into the gap between the hatch and the box, he shook and shimmied and before you could say pendant-tastic the little hatch was open.

His monster housemates shouted and screamed with joy and gave Lurly Jack lots of hugs, even Ganymede and Morris joined in the congratulations. Then the monster housemates set about emptying the box.

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