Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 22 - Terrence in the Diary Room

Terrence has been a rocksteady monster housemate. He never seems to lose his cool or be mean to anyone. Monster Big Brother called him into the Diary Room to ask him a few question.

MBB: Good morning Terrence
T: Good morning Big Brother. What happened to yesterday's intruder?
MBB: The intruder has been dealt with.
T: Err, that's scary.
MBB: Terrence, on Friday you will return to the outside world. What have you missed the most during your time in the Monster Big Brother house?
T: Maisy. And everyone knows it. (laughs) Although I miss everyone else from SquareJane too. Like Jose, I wonder what he's been up to? He's such a joker.
MBB: Is there anything from the Monster Big Brother house that you think you will miss, Terrence?
T: Having a pool in the back garden is pretty cool.
MBB: Thank you Terrence.
T: Bye Monster Big Brother.

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