Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 22 - Celebrity Monsters Pick Their Favourite Housemates

The last time we asked celebrity monsters for their opinions on the monster housemates, we had such a great response from our readers that we've had more celebrity monsters come forward to tell us their favourites:

Apparently Hector has an entire community behind him. We were sent this statement in a slightly damp envelope. "The Giant Squid Community feels that Hector represents a truly international monster and in an effort to promote the literature of Jules Verne we feel that he would be an excellent spokesmonster. Go Hector!"

An Uruk-Hai told us that he likes Kelvin, although we're not sure whether he meant as a housemate or as an entree.

Space Invaders came out of retirement to offer their support for Ganymede and to inform us that all our base are belong to them (!?)

And Godzilla took time out from his busy schedule to tell us that he likes Terrence; Godzilla likes disco music too.

We also had a telephone message from Hollywood, which sounded like this "Me under contract, so me not say name. But me love Swannie she like pink frosted cookie. Cookie! Nom nom nom"

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