Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 21 - He Said What?

Earlier today the Monster Housemates were sunbathing in the garden when they heard a voice coming from over the garden wall. Swannie screamed, Kelvin ran to her side and everyone else shouted "shhhhh" as they strained their ears to hear what the voice was saying.

The whole incident lasted less than a minute, but it's given them plenty to talk about:

"He's definitely gone" said Terrence
"How did he get in?" Swannie asked "it's really scary"
Kelvin reassured her by saying "It's OK they've obviously taken him away"
"What was he saying?" asked Ganymede
Then Kelvin joined in"Yes what did you hear?"
"It sounded like Get Kelvin" said Terrence looking utterly shocked
"Or Hester Pryn" said Hector
"Why would anyone be shouting for 19th century American literary heroines?" asked Ganymede, rolling his eyes at Hector "Actually I think he was shouting for you. 'Hector to Win'"
"Zut Alors!" said Hector, so surprised that he momentarily reverted to his native language.
"and 'Morris is Good'" said Swannie, looking straight at Kelvin
"Are you sure that's what he said, I think it sounded more like 'Chorus of Hood'?"

Poor Kelvin, he just doesn't know that Morris' secret is out.

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