Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 21 - Morris' Eviction Interview Part 2

After the shock of his exit from the house and the revleation that he is not a sock monster after all, Morris has taken some time to calm down before sitting down quietly with Duleea to discuss his time in the house.

DM: Welcome back Morris. Thank you for agreeing to a second interview.
M: That's my pleasure.
DM: Well you certainly seem like a different monster today to the one I watched in the house.
M: I am. There are certain rules to being a brownie and one of them is that my work must be kept secret.
DM: But Kelvin knew who you really were didn't he?
M: He's quite a sharp little lad our Kelvin. It didn't take him long to realise that there was something more to me than just being a grouch. Once he saw inside my shed he put two and two together. He's so quiet, I didn't even notice he'd popped into the garden to introduce himself.
DM: So he's known all the time the you have lived in TheKitschEnd?
M: Yes, all four years. I was worried that it might be a problem but he promised not to say anything and I trusted him. I don't blame him for slipping up in the house; he was just trying to defend me.
DM: So why were you so mean to him, and the others?
M: When you want to keep a secret it's easier to do it when people don't want to get to know you. That's why most magical socks are grumps.
DM: But you're not like that now are you?
M: No, alas the spell has been broken. Too many people know.
DM: So what happens next?
M: Well usually you just move onto the next town where no-one knows you but there's no precedent for something like this. I don't think there is anywhere I can go now.
DM: Well Morris, that begs the question, why go into the house in the first place?
M: I think deep down I wanted out. I've loved helping people but I don't like having to be so grumpy all the time. I suppose I secretly hoped that if I was found out I'd be free of that. I wouldn't have my magic anymore but I could still do good things for people in other ways. I know Kelvin didn't want me to come. I couldn't look at him when we were first in the house. He thinks my gift was something special to share but, after all these years, I think it's time for me to have friends and try living like a normal sock.
DM: Well thank you Morris. We're out of time for now but I'm sure the viewers would all agree when I say that you have been the most surprising housemate we've had. What a lovely sock.
M: Well thank you Duleea, it's been great.

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