Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2 - A Rude Awakening

It was very early this morning before the last of the Monster Big Brother Housemates went to bed. So only one of them seemed pleased to be awake at 7am.

Marvin woke the other housemates by jumping from bed to bed and shouting "BIGBROTHERINSPACEBIGBROTHERINSPACEBIGBROTHERINSPACEBIGBROTHERINSPACE"

Lurly Jack screamed, Ratu growled, Hector hid under the duvet, Mabel started crying and Cthulhu Sky was cursing like, well like a Lovecraftian terror who's been woken up too early in the morning.

Swannie and Kelvin restrained Marvin on the floor and tried to calm him down. Through the hyperventalation and wild arm movements it started to become obvious that Marvin thought the Monster Big Brother House had been moved into orbit as they slept! Swannie took Marvin out to the garden in an attempt to convince him that they were still on Earth, Kelvin went to make some tea and everyone else went back to sleep.

In space? What kind of budget does he think this show has?

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