Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 1 - A Boys Night In

The monster boys and monster girls spent their first night in the house last night. Whilst the girls played hide and seek and explored the closets and drawers, the boys were drinking by the pool and playing a game of truth or dare.

Most of what went on was not surprising, they played who can hold their breath under water for longest and Ratu won with an impressive 7 minutes and 18 seconds. Ganymede admitted to a fondness for anchovy and dust bunny sandwiches, so winning the admiration of his housemates in the weirdest thing you ever ate category. And then Marvin told them about the thing with the cat, which was pretty strange.

But it got much stranger towards the end of the evening when Cthulhu (aka Sky) had to be escorted away by Cthulhu (aka Stripes) and Lurly Jack as he continued to shout at everyone "how many souls have you devoured? I mean really...how many".

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  1. wow this is quite an interesting blog. This is my first time stopping by. I like your monsters! They're very cute in a creepy sort of way:)