Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2 - Ganymede's Friends and Family

Normally we don't talk to F&F until eviction time and that's not for another 10 days! But Ganymede's family have been here since the first night, in fact one of them is refusing to leave.

Titan, pictured here with her sister Callisto is Ganymede's (somewhat large) younger sister has one thing on her mind.

If anyone asks her to leave, Titan simply responds with "I ain't leaving till they let him out". Callisto and Vega (Ganymede's older siblings) have tried to get her out of the Monster Big Brother complex, but she's difficult to move by force.

"She's intensely loyal" explains Callisto "and a little bit slow on the uptake. We are thinking of using a cell phone to show her some footage of Ganymede in the house, if she can carry that with her she might be persuaded to come home with us".

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