Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 18 - Marvin is Evicted

Marvin has been evicted from the Monster Big Brother house, what will the crowd reaction be like for one of the most exuberant monsters housemates we've ever seen?

Here he comes now, through the door. He's jumping up and down at the top of the stairs and waving his arms. The crowd are going wild, oh...hang on, he's fallen down the stairs. There's a gasp from the crowd...but he's up on his feet again and heading straight for the edge of the walkway and...He's Crowd Surfing! I have never seen anything like it, the security monsters are fighting their way through the crowds to bring him back to Duleea. What a nutter!

Marvin's exit interview with Duleea will be available on the blog tomorrow.

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