Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 18 - Mabel and Madeline are Evicted

Earlier this afternoon Mabel and Madeline were evicted from the Monster Big Brother house. There have been a lot of tears in the house since that announcement was made and now, here they come,

Mabel and Madeline are looking particularly beautiful tonight as they leave the Monster Big Brother house and step nervously down the stairs. The crowd are giving them a polite reaction, no booing or slogan chanting.

And there are two Great Danes on the stairs, rushing towards Mabel and Madeline and knocking them down. They're barking enthusiastically and wagging their tails. These must be Mabel and Madeline's dogs. It looks like they've been missed out here.

Come back tomorrow for Mabel and Madeline's interview with Duleea

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