Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 18 - Evictions #5 and #6. Duleea Speaks to the House

The monster housemates have been called back to the living area and their worst fears have been confirmed. There is about to be another double eviction. Duleea's voice is heard in the house:

"Monster Big Brother House, this is Duleea you are live on the blog, please do not swear!!"

"The poll has closed, the votes have been counted and verified and I can now reveal, the fifth and sixth monsters to be evicted from the Monster Big Brother house are............... Cthulhu

and ............... Morris.

Morris stay where you are, we'll see you in an hour, Cthulhu come to the front door, it's time to leave"

Most of the monster housemates are gathered around Cthulhu, but Kelvin and Morris are whispering furiously, I can hear Kelvin saying "she's going to know, they have researchers"

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