Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 18 - Cthulhu is Evicted

Cthulhu is the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Monster Big Brother house and here he is now.

He looks very majestic waving his tentacles at the crowd. I can see a few girl monsters with homemade banners, one of which says “Cthulhu! You can cuddle me any time!!!!!” I think he's spotted it and he's winked at her! Or he could just have been blinking in the bright lights.

The crowd are not as enthusiastic for Cthulhu as they were for Marvin. And I don't see Cthulhu (Sky) anywhere, I thought he would have been here to support his friend and species-mate. Duleea's coming to meet him now and aww, he's giving her a big hug.

Cthulhu's exit interview with Duleea will be available on the blog tomorrow.

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