Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 16 - A Troublesome Task

The monster housemates completed the Overcoming Obstacles task this afternoon. Here's how they got on.

Cthulhu was the first to attempt the course, although his many tentacles got entangled in the netting and it took him valuable seconds to get free, Marvin went next, speeding round the course in what felt like a record time, he made it through the netting, over the wall, onto and along the balance beam and over the see-saw without even breaking a sweat. Then it was Hector's turn, he kept up a good speed too and the anxious monster housemates gave him a huge cheer when he made it over the wall, which had been giving him trouble during practice.

Ganymede was next and he was doing very well until he came to the end and fell off the see-saw, twice! His housemates commiserated with him as Swannie took her turn, her graceful nature was a real asset and she was surprisingly quick over the wall too.

Morris was the next up, he was very fast and agile, shocking his housemates into silence, then Kelvin took the next relay leg, although not as fast he didn't make any mistakes. He was followed by Mabel and Madeline who were speedy although a little clumsy. And finally Terrence took the last leg of the relay with the monster housemates screaming their encouragement all the way.

Have they completed the course in under five minutes?

We'll be live at the monster Big Brother house later for the results of the task.

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