Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 16 - The Overcoming Obstacles Task

The monster housemates are in training to complete an assault course that Monster Big Brother placed in the garden overnight.

If ALL the monster housemates can complete the course in under five minutes they will win the task and a special reward. If they fail to make it around in under five minutes they get nothing.

They will run in relay, but earlier this morning they were taking a long time to decide which order they should run in:

"I think the weaker members of the team should run first" said Cthulhu "by which I mean myself and Ganymede, no offense meant".
"None taken" said Ganymede, this is a terrible task for me and I really don't want to go first"
"But the rest of us can make up the time you'll lose" said Kelvin
"And the pressure will be off you" insisted Hector
"Believe me, the pressure is very much on me" said Ganymede sadly.
"I want to go first" shouted Marvin "this is FUN!!!!"

The obstacle course will be run at 2pm this afternoon. Let's hope they can work it out by then.

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