Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Monster Girls

The Monster housemates have been wondering about the inbalance of girl monsters and boy monsters in the house since Day 1. When they first moved into the house there were 10 monster boys and only 2 monster girls.

Monster Big Brother had always intended to introduce new female monsters into the house during the first week, however an incident involving the production team has now made this impossible.

This incident has been reported in the press under headlines such as "Marauding Monster Make-Up Miss Munches Mates". The reporting has been inaccurate and we would like to take this opportunity to tell you the truth about what happened to the other prospective monster housemates.

Our six monster housemates in waiting were being held at a secure location awaiting their entrance into the Monster Big Brother house. One of the production team monsters was insanely jealous of the fame these monster ladies would soon be experiencing and she used her telepathic powers to persuade them to drop out of the process.

Although she did not eat any of the prospective contestants she has certainly traumatised them and in at least one case has caused permanent psychological damage.

The make-up monster in question is being held in police custody.

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