Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 15 - CLANG! Did Someone Just Drop Something?

Terrence has been holding court in the dining area this morning, talking about all the famous Monsters of Rock that he's interviewed in his time as a DJ.

Mabel and Madeline, Hector, Kelvin and Swannie have been "ooooh" ing and "aaaaaah" ing to tales of drinks with the Zombie Stones, backstage with Ozzie Ozzbeast and the time he met The Thing at a party on the roof of his New York office.

Then Ganymede came over and surprised everyone by saying "I know the Spiders from Mars, I shared a room with them for a while, Ziggy is long gone but Weird and Gillie are still around. Weird is still a bit messed up by the whole experience with the band".

"That is so cool" said Swannie.

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