Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 6 - Terrence in the Diary Room

Monster big brother called Terrence into the diary room today, to ask him a few simple questions.

MBB: Hello Terrence, how are you today?
T: Out of my comfort zone in the kitchen actually (laughs)
MBB: Terrence, how has your time in the house been so far?
T: Brilliant! I've made some great mates, I think we'll definitely stay in touch when this is over
MBB: Who have you bonded with in the house?
T: Hector and Kelvin, they're cool and after the task, who doesn't love Lurly Jack?
MBB: Is there anyone you haven't bonded with in the house?
T: Probably Marvin because he just doesn't sit still for long enough to get to know him
MBB: Thank you Terrence
T: Thank you Monster Big Brother. Can I go now, I've got to baste the turkey?

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