Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 5 - Swannie in the Diary Room

Monster big brother called Swannie into the diary room today, to ask her a few simple questions. We got some surprising answers!

MBB: Hello Swannie, how are you today?
S: Great thank you Monster Big Brother, how are you?
MBB: Swannie, how has your time in the house been so far?
S: So far it's exciting, but sort of boring, I was glad when we get our first task.
MBB: Who have you bonded with in the house?
S: Obviously Mabel and Madeline, they're lovely and I feel a strong connection with Hector
(at this point Swannie started to giggle - more than usual)
MBB: Is there something you'd like to tell Monster Big Brother Swannie?
S: No
(now Swannie is blushing!)
MBB: Is there anyone you haven't bonded with in the house?
S: Hmmm, I like everyone really, but, well Morris is kinda strange and Ganymede uses words I don't understand sometimes, so I suppose it would be them.
MBB: Thank you Swannie
S: Thank you Monster Big Brother

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