Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 5 - Ganymede Makes Amends

Ganymede has been uncharacteristically quiet since the Monster housemates passed their first task yesterday.

Earlier this morning, just as the other monsters were crawling out of bed and making coffee, Ganymede asked Lurly Jack if they could talk. Here's what Ganymede had to say:

"I've underestimated you Jack. You're a really great monster and you're an intelligent guy. I'm sorry to say that I said some rather nasty things about you in the diary room a few days ago. I'm not proud of myself and I wanted to apologise to you before you saw those comments replayed when you left the house. I'm sorry."

Lurly Jack looked a bit confused and then he said "OK, is it because I'm a pendant?"

"Er no actually, it was the screaming" said a very sincere looking Ganymede.

"I do scream a lot" admitted Lurly Jack "OK"

The two monsters then shared a slightly awkward hug. Only time will tell if this is for our benefit or for real.

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