Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 20 - Kelvin Tries to Make it Better

Kelvin has spent a lot of time with Swannie this afternoon. Our pink princess monster had quite a shock this morning when she realised that Hector was just not that into her. Poor Swannie came to the Diary Room straight after the incident and cried on Monster Big Brother's shoulder about how lonely she felt without Mabel and Madeline.

When Swannie finally emerged from the Diary Room after an hour of sobbing, she found Kelvin waiting for her with a pack of cards "Do you want to play snap?' he asked and Swannie agreed.

They've been talking about their friends and family and who they really want to see when they leave the house in five days time. And we think we just heard Swannie laugh. Good old Kelvin.

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