Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 19 - Morris' Eviction Interview

Well, he's been evicted and is far from the crowds favourite. Will we finally get some answers from the mysterious Morris?

DM: Ladies and Gentlemonsters. It's Morris.
M: Hello.
DM: How you doin' Morris?
M: meh
DM: Well, you weren't so popular when you came out. Was that a surprise?
M: Not really.
DM: Look, lets' cut to the chase. There's been talk of something in your shed and a trip to TheKitschEnd reveals some interesting facts about brown sock monsters. You're not a sock monster after all are you?
M: What?
DM: You're a sock brownie!
(Gasps from the audience)
What? Well, er, hmm......oh....
So tell us Morris. What's it like being a genuine good guy? Thanks for fixing my shoes by the way.
M: My pleasure. (Morris smiles) I mean erm, what idea what your erm...
DM: Ladies and gentlemonsters, Morris smiled!!!
(Cheers from the audience)
M: NO! I...
DM: So it's you who's been fixing our shoes. Sounds like you've been a helpful guy all your life helping people by fixing their shoes and saving their socks from harm. That's what you've been doing in your shed isn't it?
M: Kelvin?
DM: Yes Kelvin did let something slip but we worked it out for ourselves. Morris are you OK?...Morris?....Morris?...Sorry everyone, I think we need to take a break. We'll give Morris a chance to take all this in and we'll get back to you tomorrow with the full story.

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