Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 19 - Marvin's Eviction Interview

Overstimulated amigurumi monster Marvin was evicted from the Monster Big Brother house yesterday and then topped off the experience with some crowd surfing. He (briefly) spoke to Duleea McChen yesterday:

DM: Ladies and Gentlemonsters. It's Marvin.
M: Yay woooo! Look, I'm on the blog!!
DM: Sit down, Marvin, come on.
M: I can't sit down, I'm too excited.
DM: Would you like to run around for a bit.
M: Yes please (runs around, slapping high fives with the audience and jumping around)
DM: Are you done now?
M: Yes Duleea. I'm just excited to be on the blog.
DM: I hate to break it to you but you've been on the blog now for two weeks.
M: Yeah, I know
DM: I only mention it because it sometimes seemed that you'd forgotten that we were watching you at all. You are the least self-conscious housemate we've ever had on Monster Big Brother. Was it difficult for you to be so contained in the house?
M: You bet it was. I am so glad to be out. Yay woooo!
DM: Have you seen that Lurly Jack is here in the studio audience?
M: Is he? Aw, brilliant, it's great to see you mate (runs off into the audience again)
DM: (shouting) Alright then, just one question. Who do you want to win Monster Big Brother Marvin?
M: ME!!!
DM: Ermm...cut!

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