Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 17 - Tales of the Unpopular

Last night the Monster Big Brother house was very subdued, many of the housemates went to bed early, but Ganymede, Kelvin, Morris, Terrence and Swannie drank a lot of tea and talked about how strange it feels to be in a popularity contest.

"I've been burned by this sort of thing before" said Ganymede "and yet here I am putting myself through it again"
Terrence was confused by this "You've been on Monster Big Brother before?" he asked.
"No, but I did go in for the Artisan's Challenge on Blockhead Radio"
"Ouch" said Swannie, "Are you crazy? That's a brutal competition"
"I heard it's rigged" said Morris, but no-one was really listening to him
"So what happened?" asked Kelvin
"I was beaten by a pillowcase" said Ganymede shaking his head
"That's nothing to be ashamed of" said Kelvin "Pillowcase monsters can be very endearing..."
"No, not a pillowcase monster, an actual pillowcase." said Ganymede
A stunned silence fell over the monster housemates
"An actual piece of fabric folded over and hemmed down one side" confirmed Ganymede. "And it beat me, a monster who took hours to make and was designed from scratch. It's too depressing"
"wow" said Terrence, obviously lost for words
"But you're still here" said Kelvin
"Yes" agreed Swannie "We're all still here, so someone must be voting for us."

Are you voting for them? Or are you voting for a pillowcase?

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