Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 17 - Celebrity Fans

Whilst the monster housemates are wondering whether anyone in the outside world even likes them, we've talked to a few celebrity monsters to find out who are their favourites:

Frankenstein's Monster is a firm fan of Cthulhu. "He has a taste and refinement and a love of culture which I really appreciate". He says

The Zombie Horde, fresh from their appearance in "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" could only give us this incite..."BRAINS...BRAINS..." which we assume means they're fans of either Mabel and Madeline or Ganymede

Gossamer (from the Warner Brothers cartoons) says he likes "George" which isn't very helpful either, but we think he means Marvin.

Thankfully the Loch Ness Monster is more precise, he emailed us to say he's backing Morris 100%. "I know a shady character with a secret when I see one"

Sasquatch has publicly admitted that he'd like to take Swannie out for dinner when she gets out of the house and Hector has had many similar offers including one from The Blob!

And finally we recently had a fax signed "The Triffids" asking if they could come to the final night eviction party as they are big fans of Kelvin and Terrence. Naturally, we declined the offer, feeling that this particular plantlife is better kept behind glass.

If only the monster housemates knew how much everyone loves them.

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