Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 12 - Cthulhu Sky's Eviction Interview

The second housemate to be evicted from the Monster Big Brother house yesterday was Cthulhu, known to his friends as Sky. He spoke to Duleea McChen last night.

DM: Ladies and gentlemonsters, give it up for Cthulhu!
C: Hello
DM: I'm going to cut right to the chase Cthulhu, are you surprised to be evicted? You look very surprised.
C: I am a little shocked Duleea, yes. It's quite an experience setting out from the comfort zone of the Monster Big Brother house right into a crowd of screaming fans.
DM: But are you surprised that you were voted out?
C: Of course, I didn't think I'd done anything to make me so unpopular.
DM: I don't think you are unpopular, I just think other monsters are more popluar.
C: Mmmm, seems like the same thing to me.
DM: Do you think it might have been what you said to Hector?
C: Maybe, I shouldn't have blown up like that, but it's something I've lived with now for a long time, people have to understand about tentacle monsters, we're just not all the same, no more than all French monsters are all the same. I suppose if you took my French Monsters statement out of context that might be what's made me less popular.
DM: But your response from the crowd just now was incredible!
C: It was. I feel as though I have reached out to some of my brothers and sisters and I know they share my pain. We can beat this together!
DM: Just one last question. Who would you like to win Monster Big Brother?
C: Cthulhu (Stripes) he's incredibly wholesome for a Cthulhu and he's really taken on the role of father figure in the house, if it's not going to be me I want another tentacle monster to win it.
DM: Thanks Cthulhu, you've been very entertaining to watch.

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