Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 25 - Kelvin is Evicted

Kelvin has always been the good guy of the house, but now he's been evicted will the crowd be good to him?

And the answer is yes! The monster crowd are giving him a rousing cheer as he comes down the stairs. But he still seems anxious he's scanning the crowd for something or someone. There's Morris, waving frantically, the crowd have made room for him and he's running towards the barriers to get as close as he can to Kelvin. Kelvin has seen him and is looking more relaxed now. Morris is shouting something...the crowd has gone quiet so that they can hear it..."it's ok, they know and I've never been happier". Now the crowd is whooping and cheering twice as loud. What a reception!

Come back tomorrow for Duleea McChen's exclusive interview with Kelvin.

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