Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 23 - Hector in the Diary Room

As Hector left the Group Hug task, Monster Big Brother called him to the Diary Room to answer a few questions about how he feels.

MBB: Hello Hector, how are you today?
H: Much better now I don't have Ganymede's horns in my leg.
MBB: What are you most looking forward to when you leave the house on Friday, Hector?
H: I cannot wait to get home to RonRonCarre. It's a small place, but I think I may be quite well known there now.
MBB: Is there anything you miss from the outside world Hector?
H: Everything! And everyone. I don't know where to begin. Hmm, a fine meal would be marvelous, in a tasteful restaurant, overlooking a river, perhaps in Paris. That sounds very fine.
MBB: And is there anything that you think you will miss from the Monster Big Brother House.
H: I will miss Terrence of course and Kelvin is good fun. Oh and the beds. I must find out what kind of mattresses you use here, I sleep well on these beds.
MBB: Thank you Hector.
H: Merci

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