Monday, June 8, 2009

Say Hello To - Cthulhu

The second housemate to enter the Monster Big Brother House is Cthulhu

Cthulhu is in the house to raise awareness about tentacles. He says, "I'm fed up with people thinking tentacles are always part of weird Japanese porn". Cthulhu is already a celebrity in his own right, you may recognise him from the work of H P Lovecraft, but he's been seen most recently in Alan Moore's graphic novels The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and in a short story by Neil Gaiman.

As one of the "Elder Gods", we think that Cthulhu is the oldest housemate ever to appear on Monster Big Brother, he estimates his age at 12,844,991,203 earth years.

Cthulhu is currently settled at but he's always searching for a home and souls to devour. Now he's waving his tentacles expansively to the crowd as he disappears inside the Monster Big Brother House.

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