Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 5 - What a Night!

It was quite a night in the Monster Big Brother House as they celebrated the successful completion of their first task with a monster party.

The monster housemates pushed back the furniture and turned the living area into a dancefloor, all 12 of the monsters got down and funky, but Hector proved that he really has the moves and everyone was surprised that Kelvin is a pop-locker! Swannie spent most of the night peering over the back of the sofa watching the dancefloor and nibbling at pink frosted cookies (her favourite).

There was plenty of good food and good conversation. Lurly Jack was the centre of attention after his task saving performance yesterday. Jack modestly apologised for not thinking of it sooner "I knew it was possible, I'd just never tried it before. I'm not the breaking and entering type!" he said.

Marvin was not so classy. He drank almost all the red wine, vomited in the pool and fell asleep outside under a pile of patio furniture.

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  1. Oh Marvin, I like your style. Who hasn't been there, done that?!