Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 3 - A Controversial Housemate?

Morris and Ganymede came to the diary room last night, with something on their minds.

MBB: Good evening housemates, how are you?
M: We're not happy
G: It's about Jack. He's a little two dimensional
M: The kid's a freak!
MBB: Monster Big Brother reminds housemates that discrimination against another housemate is punishable by instant eviction from the Monster Big Brother house
G: It's not just the pendant thing, although that is weird
M: If he talks about his hair one more time, I'll scream
G: That's it, the screaming, he's always screaming, have you noticed how nervous Ratu is?
M: Ratu's great but whenever Jack starts screaming he hides under the sofa
G: I do wonder if he's in the house out of political correctness

So Lurly Jack is not off to a great start with some of his housemates, or perhaps some of his housemates need to be more accepting?

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