Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2 - Marvin in the Diary Room

Earlier today Marvin woke all the Monster Big Brother Housemates to share his vision that the Monster Big Brother House had been moved into orbit during the night. After he'd calmed down a bit Monster Big Brother called Marvin to the diary room.

MBB: What happened this morning Marvin?
Marvin: Errr, got up, had breakfast talked to Swannie, she's nice
MBB: Before that Marvin, what happened as soon as you woke up?
Marvin: Oh yeah, that, well I think it was a dream, but the gravity was totally different and it was just perfect sense when you think about it. We're in space! But we're not, we might have moved though. Did you move the house?
MBB: Monster Big Brother cannot confirm or deny that we have moved the house.
Marvin: You moved the house! It's ok Monster Big Brother, it's our little secret...sssssshhhh

And with that Marvin bounced out of the diary room, whistling.

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