Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 19 - A Dismal Dinner Party

Last night Monster Big Brother provided a sumptuous dinner party in the house and invited the final five Monster housemates to attend the formal meal. At first the monster housemates were really excited at the prospect of a little glamour. Hector and Terrence helped Kelvin to tie his bow tie and Swannie wore a very sparkly tiara.

However, once the meal was in progress it didn't take long for the dinner party conversation to turn to the recently evicted monster housemates.
"It's so quiet" said Terrence "I wonder what Marvin's doing right now?"
"Partying the night away no doubt" said Ganymede
"It would have been so funny to see him in a bow tie, bouncing off the table, if only we had some chandeliers, then he could swing from them" bemoaned Kelvin
"But we have no chandelier" said Hector, a little confused "and no Marvin"
"Cthulhu would have loved this" said Ganymede sadly.
"Let's toast our ex-housemates" said Swannie and when they toasted their friends it was the happiest they were all evening.

Cheer up monsters! There's still another week to go.

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