Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 15 - Early Morning Chat

Ganymede and Kelvin were awake early again this morning and Kelvin wanted to apologise.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, forgetting the anchovies and all that" said Kelvin
"Don't give it a second thought I think you went through enough yesterday" replied Ganymede
"Making the shopping list is hard" mumbled Kelvin
"I'm not talking about that. I knew that something was going on with Morris, but I had no idea he'd get violent about teabags!"
"He's not violent" said Kelvin, then quickly changed the subject "I forgot Swannie's biscuits too" he added sadly.
"Swannie was really scared yesterday. She turned to Hector again, I think there's something going on there." said Ganymede.
"Oh great, I'm really making a mess of this" said Kelvin cryptically "do you want some more tea?"

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