Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 14 - The Shopping List

The tension is always greatest in the Monster Big Brother house on a Friday, but we often don't see the fallout until Monday. And why is that? Because that's Shopping List day.

Every week the Monsters nominate one of their housemates to spend an hour locked in the diary room with a list of products and prices, they must make a list of everything the housemates will need for the next week, but it must also add up to a specified limited budget.

This week, the unlucky shopping list maker is Kelvin. He's already been in the diary room for 46 minutes and he can't remember all the special request items.

"I know that Swannie and Madeline wanted candy, but I can't remember what sort. I'll have to guess. Terrence wants beans, I mean he always wants beans. Hector wanted fresh basil, I think he's going to make something nice with that. Cthulhu and Marvin wanted booze, who did I leave out? Oh yes, Morris, Morris wanted tea bags, phew that's everyone."

Erm, you also left out Ganymede! Oh dear, I wonder if Monster Big Brother will remind him?

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